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Player Movement Policy

CAQVC Queens Volleyball Club Player Movement Policy

This provision that allows an athlete to “play up” is intended to recognize the rare circumstances where a player demonstrates exceptional ability, attitude, skill level, and size. The player must be able to demonstrate a clear ability to play at a higher age group while being considered one of the top players in that position, as well as considered a positive addition to the team. Evaluating athletes and weighing their current skill, their short and long term potential, and their possible roles on each team is not easy. In a playing up situation there should be clear benefits to the athlete and affected teams.


Each request must be submitted by August 1st to allow for consideration. Then is handled on an individual basis by the club coordinators. A separate athlete evaluation team will be brought in if needed. Each situation is different and different factors are weighed into the decision.

Processes and Considerations for Playing Up:

  • This is a rare circumstance. CAQVC has a general preference in that athletes play with their peer group.
  • Requests for player movement may be suggested, but are not based on, the opinion of the parents of the affected player. Anyone - (coach, parent or athlete) wishing to request to play up must contact a club president/director.
  • Before a player is moved, a full evaluation must be completed or agreed upon by two or more of the following:

• Club Coach   • RDC Queens Volleyball Head Coaches

• Club President/Director • Club Coordinators

  • In majority of cases - requests for player movement can only be for a move up one age level. The athlete’s coaches must be prepared to support their request with reasons consistent with LTAD player and team development - having the Club’s goals and philosophy close in mind. The evaluation group will also factor this into their decision.
  • Trying out at the higher age group must be preceded by a request to the club prior to the tryout.
  • Players who unsuccessfully tryout for positions in their age group will not be permitted to try out for teams of a higher age group. If an athlete has been permitted to try out at an older age group and did not make the team they will still be permitted to try out at their own age. 
  • In circumstances where the Central Alberta Queens Volleyball Club is unable to fill a complete roster at a younger age group, athletes may be asked to try out for the next age group (often the case in Bantam ages (13U & 14U).
  • There will be a maximum of two underage players on a team unless it is approved by those above to have more athletes move up.

There are many situations where a player may have the ability to play at a higher age group. This alone does not make it appropriate to request having players playing up. Playing up is for cases involving an unforeseen exceptional circumstance or for players playing at an exceptional level that would gain little to no benefit from training within their own age bracket. If the request qualifies as an “exceptional talent” the CAQVC will form an evaluation committee to determine the long and short term plans for the player.

The club places high value on the development of leadership qualities and learning to be a “go to” player on your own team. Having kids play up also means there could be cuts to players who would still deserve to play within our development philosophy.